5 best free stock photo resources

There is a trendy belief among the fancy designers that using stock photos is a sort of a “mauvais tone”, and one should never use any of them. We wouldn’t be so absolutely sure about it. Design should work for business, and not every business aims to win the advertising festival - most of the entrepreneurs only wish to sell products and to earn money. So you should treat every case separately. If your budget is really limited and you feel inclined to use the stock photo we offer you to save even more and to use the free stock photo resources.

If you use the free stock photo resources it is always a good idea to pay attention to the copyright restrictions and the license. For example, sometimes the photo is allowed to be used in the commercial projects, other times it’s only allowed to be in your personal stuff. If you want to play around such an image on your new landing page you may have to pay the rightholder.

Another disadvantage of the free stock photo is that these pictures ramble from one resource to another. It gets rather tiring and boring when you scroll the search results and see the photos you’ve met on a previously browsed website. Here we’ve got our own list of top-5 free stock photo resources as we see them. Please, feel free to be inspired :)

1. Unsplash

That’s a real feast for the eyes. An endless feed of the high-quality photos, each of which is a real masterpiece. These photos will be a great choice for almost every task - website design, print advert or simply choosing a photo to illustrate the blog. The disadvantage is that this resource is extremely popular, and thus the fascinating image that you’ve been looking for during the last 5-6 hours has very likely been used by someone else multiple times. It is quite possible your competitors have illustrated something on their website with this photo too.

2. Pixabay

This photo stock has once grown from a private images collection. Now the photographers from all over the world add new images here, while the marketers and designers borrow the elements for their projects here all the time.

3. Pexels

Here you can find both high-quality visuals for the stunning websites and the clipped images for your collages. Just like for most free stock photo resources the little problem here is that you can’t form the search queries in other languages except for English. However, you can have your keywords translated by the Google translate, so it is not an issue.

4. Travel Coffee Book

All the resources above are pretty universal - you can find anything there, the food photos, the landscapes, the cats… The Travel Coffee Book is a resource full of travel photos, it’s a favorite place for those who work in tourism. But it doesn’t mean that the breathtaking sea landscape cannot make the yoga center website prettier, or that the busy New York street view can’t work for the financial institution advert.

5. Flickr

That is quite an unexpected item in our list, however, we still suggest looking there. The photo hosting has got a very convenient photo search system, that also allows sorting them according to the license and copyright restrictions. What if the image you’ve been looking for during the last two days has been uploaded to the Flickr by some photography amateur from the other part of the world? 

Free stock photo resources are a great decision when you need to launch a project in the conditions of time and budget shortage. But if you need to be unique and recognizable we would advise you to order a photo session from a professional photographer.

March 6, 2017