Top-5 tips to become a better photographer

If you are reading this article, you probably already have a camera, adore the sound of the shutter and know that the sunsets provide the divine lighting, but you’re still not sure - what path should you choose for your further growth. How to turn your hobby into a profession? We don’t claim that we know everything about being a professional photographer (no one actually does), but we’ll still be glad if some of these tips will be useful for you.

Choose your genre

Do you like travelling, going far from the crowded cities? Are you not intimidated by getting up really early just to take a landscape photo with the first sunrays? Or are you more interested in psychology and companionship, finding and showcasing the best features of a person? It would be the best to define your perfect genre, the one that you feel comfortable with. Concentrate and take classes that will help you understand this particular photography field.

Watch the masters
Watch the masters

When you’ve decided which photography genre suits you best, you would rather get acquainted with the works of masters. Let your social media news feed be filled with the masterpieces by the National Geographic, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and others instead of the friends’ selfies. Follow the professional photographers Youtube channels - they generously share their knowledge.  Jared Polin, Matt Granger, Ted Forbes - start watching their tutorials and use their experience. 

It won’t hurt to look closer at the paintings made in your genre. The great artists spent years to achieve the perfection in composition and to be able to tell the whole story with just one canvas. You can’t follow Renoir or Van Gogh on Instagram, but you still can peer their paintings whenever you want.

Don't neglect the theory
Don’t neglect the theory

The composition, the color theory, the rule of thirds… Sounds to be too boring for a creative person? Isn’t breaking the rules the main purpose of creativity? Well, partly it is. But to be able to break the rules, one has to learn them perfectly first. In the age of the massive open online courses, one can spare a few hours and take a free class from the Michigan University at the Coursera platform for example.

Don’t overestimate the technical part
Don’t overestimate the technical part

The new lens or the new flashlight enhancer won’t help the photo that lacks the idea. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of photos are taken every day with the help of the ordinary smartphones, and some of them are really worth the attention. Any camera is like a brush in the artist’s hands - it’s just a tool, and the story is still the main thing.

Take photos
Take photos!

The personal experience is always more valuable than any advice. Analyze your photos, be strict and picky, and work on your mistakes whenever it’s possible.


March 6, 2017