Photography beginners mistakes and how to avoid them

We are constantly being told that making mistakes is an important part of learning. Really, your personal experience is a great teacher. But every profession has its own set of common mistakes that almost every beginner makes. The art of the photography has also got a list of this kind.

In fact, every mistake of these can sometimes become a focal point of the photo. But as long as you are a rookie it is not advised to break the rules.

Unrealistic colors

The post-production tools are extremely powerful. It’s so easy to get too excited and to make the tangerine color sunset, the deep blue sky, and the emerald leaves. If your photo wasn’t designed to be an illustration for the Middle Earth, don’t use the unrealistic colors. This mistake will especially be visible during the printing.

Shooting from your eye level all the time

The way we see and perceive the world depends on how tall we are too. When we take photos from the eye level all the time we miss the opportunity to show the usual things from a different perspective. Show your viewers the world as a child or a cat sees it. Don’t be idle and kneel down, get onto the tree, go up the roof and so on.

Being afraid to come up closer

You can see yourself as a sniper and shoot from far away, but the impression made by these photos will be superficial too. But if you manage to dive into the thick of events, to take a close-up photo or to take pictures from different angles, your viewer will be able to feel as if he was a part of these events and this atmosphere too - and that is the result you want to achieve with your photography.

Failing to be in the moment

Sometimes we witness a moment that is never going to happen again. You can either catch it and make a photo or spend weeks sharing your memories and regrets. The beginners often avoid using the automatic modes of shooting thinking that a real pro only uses manual settings. This belief may play a cruel joke on you - don’t be shy to use the camera’s intelligence when something unique is happening around you.

Shooting without a tripod

A high-quality photoshoot in the poor lighting conditions is impossible without a tripod. When the exposure time is more than 1/60, a hand that holds the camera will most probably shake and spoil the photo. Many beginner photographers ignore this and find different excuses for not using a tripod - it’s heavy, it’s huge, it prevents you from being quick… All these are plain excuses, just find a tripod that suits your needs and enjoy the extended possibilities it gives you.

Publishing all the photos

You probably make hundreds of photos every single day. Most beginner photographers publish most of what they shoot, without considering the quality of every photo. Even if there is a true masterpiece buried among these photos, it is very questionable that someone will find it. The professionals only publish the best works after the thorough analysis and processing. It doesn’t mean that all of their works are pure gold, it only means that they hide away the photos that are just not good enough.

You probably expect some sort of a conclusion here, an advice that is the most important to our point of view? Why are you still here and are not taking new photos?

March 6, 2017