5 projects that have changed my perception of design

Even though we want to be unbiased and opened, our brain forms different patterns and stereotypes. And to break these patterns (that sometimes prevent you from being creative) you need something essential. But sometimes it is enough to see somebody’s effective and neat project to be able to think out of the box.

AirBnB logo

It is said that a perfect logo should be so simple that it wouldn’t be a problem to recreate it in pencil on the piece of paper. You don’t need to be an artist to draw an AirBnB logo, but the elegance of the little icon that combines the roof and the maps mark impresses.

The logo can and should represent an idea, it’s not just a decoration.

A peаnut butter jar with two lids

An unusual view of the common things and the wish to change something help to arrive at the unexpected but very simple conclusions. This product design author had problems with getting the last bits of the sticky peanut butter from the jar. Thus he offered to make another opening in the jar, that’s it.

One shouldn’t try to make things more complicated when the correct decision is the simplest one.

“Starbucks” website design

You know the design is a good one when there is nothing to take away from it. This is a good explanation for the “Starbucks” website design, where only the necessary minimal set of colors is used. The composition, in general, is easy to comprehend too, so it is much easier to hit the call-to-action button.

Sometimes the simplest approach is the most appropriate.

The “Hotel tonight” app design

Apple is not the only company to have an expensive and luxurious design. The app for the urgent hotel search, like its website, look sophisticated, elegant and refined. One should also mention their logo - it can be easily recreated, memorized and which is more important it’s not abstract.

It seems that the black color and the hi-quality photos are the best way to deliver the ideas of the premium brands.

Windows 10 flat design

Few people like changes, but there’s no development without them. The decision about changing the Windows operational system interface design was a bold one, but the flat design has made the system look more attractive and modern.

We always need change, either slightly noticeable or revolutionary - there is no progress without it.

March 6, 2017